Multi Business stand for sale

More Information:

Maximum Permitted height: 2 storeys
Usage permitted: Dwelling house, outbuildings, additional self-contained residential unit, Crèche, Nursery Garden, Home business…. and Bed And Breakfast.

This gem with all its permitted usages is very special….it simply is the only property on the main entrance road to Trafalgar that has all these business opportunities. Being on the corner (major advertising potential) in Nelson Drive, all the residents of Trafalgar (also known as The Millionaire’s Mile) must pass this property.

The tiny coastal village of Trafalgar is situated about 150 km south of Durban, on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Trafalgar’s beach is protected by shark nets, and provide decent waves for surfers. When the weather is clear, and the ocean calm the rocky reef formation just offshore, provides an excellent place for snorkelling, where one will find fossilised remains of shellfish, various fish species, plant material and petrified wood. These 90 million year old fossil beds are located only a short distance from the shoreline, so at Spring tide it is possible for visitors to walk out and examine these ancient remains in greater detail.

The Trafalgar Marine Reserve is a tiny area extending for only 6 km along the coast and 500 metres offshore. The area incorporates the 190 ha Mpenjati Nature Reserve whose mission is to “preserve, in perpetuity, the natural environment of forest types, dune vegetation and grasslands (including wet grassland) for the benefit of the animals, birds and other creatures occurring there.”